Dolphins are Surprisingly Healthy Entering Week 14 Matchup with Eagles

By Bill Daulton

The Miami Dolphins sustained their fair share of injuries early in 2011.  However, Vontae Davis, Daniel Thomas, and Karlos Dansby are all back and 100%.  The Dolphins most recent setback, an injury to Vernon Carey, also appears to be a thing of the past.  The Dolphins had full participation at practice the last 2 days, meaning they are completely healthy entering their matchup Sunday with the Eagles.  Vernon Carey was back at practice both days, but was said to be limited both days.  Even so, Carey is expected to return to his Right Guard spot in the starting lineup.

Here’s a question for you though:  Why not see what John Jerry has at RG?  After all, the Dolphins invested a 3rd round pick in Jerry last season.  Jerry played well last week, as the Dolphins OLine plowed the way for the 209 yard Dolphins rushing attack.  Jerry struggled last year and even in training camp this year.  However, he’s been said to have a better attitude recently.  He’s staying after practice, trying to improve himself to help the team.

Meanwhile, Carey is set to become a free agent after this season.  He’s getting up there in age and has shown some inconsistency after moving to RG (some of that can be attributed to the revolving door next to him, Marc Colombo).  It’s believed that neither Carey or Colombo will be back in 2012.  So why not give Jerry some time in the final weeks of the season to see where he is in his development?

I’m not saying the Dolphins should bench Carey.  What I WOULD do is to move Carey back to RT and insert Jerry into the starting RG spot.  Swiss Cheese Colombo would be relegated to backup duty.  This would allow the Dolphins to see exactly what they have in Jerry and identify if they need to find a new RG next season. If Jerry struggles, the Dolphins could always move Carey back to RG and Colombo back to RT.  Decisions, decisions.  But at least the Dolphins are healthy enough to have these decisions to make.

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