New York Jets Nose Tackle Sione Pouha Deserves to Be in the Pro Bowl

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Where would the New York Jets be without Sione Pouha?

That’s a question that, thankfully, Rex Ryan has never gotten the chance to answer.

The big nose tackle (#91, above) has became an absolute monster in the middle of the Jets’ defense, and each year under Ryan has gotten better and better.

Routinely shutting down the opposing offense’s running games from the inside out, Pouha has been battling with double teams on a weekly basis these last few weeks, and more often than not, he’s still winning the battle.

The seventh-year veteran out of Utah was named a team captain this season, and he’s lived up to that honor with the best ball of his career.

At this point, you’d be hard-pressed to name a better 3-4 nose tackle in football.

Pouha is not a great pass rusher, but he gets an occasional pressure. He got his first sack of the season in Week 14 against the Kansas City Chiefs. He also recorded a safety on a play late in the fourth quarter.

I can’t say it any more emphatically. This man deserves to go his first Pro Bowl. It’s overdue, quite frankly.

It’s tough for interior linemen who don’t put up big sack numbers to get their proper due. But the league has to notice the impact Pouha’s made.

Go watch for yourself. Watch big #91 in the middle of the line each and every down he’s in there. You’ll more than likely see a guy winning his individual battle.

Hopefully the Pro Bowl voters do the right thing and get him out there in Hawaii. Hopefully, Pouha is unable to actually play in that game, because he’ll be playing in the Super Bowl.


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