Could the Arizona Cardinals make the playoffs?

By Ross Dinsdale

After a one and six start to the 2011 season, the Cardinals have stopped the bleeding winning by winning five of their last six games. A transfusion of defense has been the big reason for this.  This was evident in the most recent win over the San Francisco 49ers’.  A 21-19 victory that was achieved by stellar defensive play and a stunning relief effort from backup quarterback John Skelton.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t start talking about the Cardinals playoff chances until the game against the 49ers.  The win puts the Cardinals at 6-7 for the year.  It’s a long shot, I know, but even an 8-8 finish will make me happy.  The Cardinals have three games remaining against Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Seattle. Two of those three games are played here at University of Phoenix Stadium.  If the Cardinals win all three that leaves them with a 9-7 record at seasons end.  Several things would need to happen for them to get in.

First, they need to finish out the season by winning their last three games.  Second, the six teams seeded ahead of them in the Wild Card standings will need to be taught a lesson or to in humility and lose some games. And thirdly the Cardinals need one heck of a Christmas miracle.

The six teams that currently stand in their way are Seattle Seahawks (6-7), Dallas Cowboys (7-6), Chicago Bears (7-6), Detroit Lions (7-6), and the Atlanta Falcons (8-5).

Atlanta, Detroit, and Chicago each need to go 1-2 in their next three games to give the Cardinals a legitimate shot.  Dallas can go 2-1, but the Cardinals would hold the tie breaker against them.  Seattle is that annoying fly that bugs the hell out of you and you can never kill.  As I said the Cardinals will nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

I know what I’m going to ask from Old Saint Nick for Christmas this year.

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