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Dallas Cowboys’ Injuries Continue; CB Mike Jenkins Battling Dislocated Shoulder

The Dallas Cowboys’ problems in the secondary aren’t going to get better anytime soon from a health standpoint. Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins’ right shoulder just isn’t getting better and it’s hindering him yet he remains the team’s best at his position. Dallas needs Jenkins to play through the pain to reach the playoffs.

Jenkins’ right shoulder popped out of place twice during the Cowboys’ loss to the New York Giants on Sunday night. He’ll wear a harness on Saturday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but he knows that won’t fix the problem entirely.

“I’m going to have to do something,” Jenkins said. “I’m sure it’s going to pop out again.”

Jenkins cannot raise his right arm above his head, something that really prohibits a cornerback from reaching up to defend passes. Jamming receivers at the line of scrimmage is Jenkins’ specialty, but this injury really hinders that as well.

“I don’t care how much technique you have when you go through pain like that,” he said. “As a cornerback, this is everything I’ve got. I need it to re-route. I can’t catch with one hand.”

The Cowboys are better off with a hobbled Jenkins in the game than any other cornerback on the team at 100 percent health. As the playoff stretch run gets under way, Dallas will need Jenkins to not only play through the pain, but play well.

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