Dolphins Fans Plan 'Fire Ireland' Flyover for Jets Game on 1/1

By Bill Daulton

Miami Dolphins fans have been on a roller coaster this season.  The team started 0-7 and had everyone thinking about the possibility of drafting Andrew Luck.  THEN, the team wins 4 of 5 and some fans begin to think that Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano are the right guys to lead the Dolphins into 2012.  THEN, the Dolphins get blown out, at home, by a 4-8 Philadelphia Eagles team.  THEN, Stephen Ross, the Dolphins owner, decided to fire Tony Sparano.  It’s been a wild ride for Dolphins fans and I’ve never seen so much infighting amongst fans of the same team.

A lot of fans were on the Suck for Luck bandwagon…then the wheels fell off when the Dolphins started to win.  Fans were literally getting into fights about whether or not they were rooting for the Dolphins to lose.  Then there were the arguments about whether or not Tony Sparano should be fired or if he should get another year to prove himself.  Now, fans are split on whether or not Jeff Ireland has done a good enough job to stay on as Dolphins GM.

Well, on portion of the fan base, led by the guys over at, are taking matters into their own hands.  They are making a statement.  On Thursday, FinsNation opened up a donation link to raise $1,500 that would be used to send Stephen Ross a message.  They plan on hiring a plane to fly over the tailgate of the 1/1 Dolphins vs. Jets game that will read:

“Mr Ross, Save our Dolphins, Fire Jeff Ireland” – Full story on

Personally, I think it’s hilarious and I’m looking forward to seeing the reaction of people that day.  The debate as to whether or not Ireland has done a good enough job will rage on.  Were his first 3 years clouded by Bill Parcels presence?  How much of a role did he have in drafting Patrick Turner, Shawn Murphy, and Phillip Merling?  Did he think Chad Henne was a franchise QB?  Did he think Jake Long was a better choice than Matt Ryan?  A lot of unknowns.  I think that if you are going to deem Sparano as a failure after 4 years, you should also replace the GM.  They worked in tandem and did not get the job done.  Besides, keeping Ireland could severely hinder the Dolphins search for their next coach.  What if Bill Cowher says that he’ll come to Miami if he can be Coach/GM?  Is Ross THAT committed to Ireland?  I don’t think he should be.  Kudos to the FinsNation guys for at least speaking their mind and letting the Dolphins owner know what they think.

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