Is Tony Romo Playing the Best Football of His Career?

By Marian Hinton

During the first month of this football season, Dallas Cowboy fans were ready to bench Tony Romo and find another quarterback. Anyone would be better than the mistake-prone, Tony Romo, King of the Epic Meltdowns.

However, here were are, heading into the final two weeks of the regular season, and a strong case can be made that the Dallas gunslinger is playing the best he’s played his entire career.

The numbers he’s posted this year certainly back up that claim.

Throughout the season, Romo has racked up 3,895 yards, just 588 yards shy of his season record set in 2009 with 2 regular season games remaining.

His 65.6 % accuracy rating is the best of his career.

His touchdown to interception ratio is by far the best it’s ever been, passing for 29 touchdowns to just 9 interceptions this season, 5 of which occurred in the Cowboys’ first 4 games.

His quarterback rating this year, at 102.6, is 5 points higher than any other point of his career.

Yes, looking at the numbers Romo has compiled this season, especially over the last couple of months, it’s easy to argue that Romo is in fact playing the best football he’s played during the course of his 6 year career as a starter.

However, as impressive as these numbers may be, there is really only one thing that matters in the end.


After years of people claiming that the Cowboys will never win anything with Romo, is he finally showing us that he may very well have what it takes to lead the Cowboys back to the Promise Land?

Honestly, I, and likely most Cowboy fans, aren’t quite ready to answer that question yet.

I will say this; with the pressure on Romo being the highest that it’s probably been in his professional career, the next couple of weeks could show us all exactly what Tony Romo is made of.

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