When Will New York Giants DB Antrel Rolle Just Shut Up?

By Jeff Shull

One of the hardest things the New York Giants have had to deal with the past two years is Antrel Rolle and his loud mouth. Will Rolle ever just shut up?

I completely understand the radio guys at WFAN wanting to have this guy on their show every week—Rolle provides great radio with his controversial comments—but at what point does the organization step in?

This week Rolle made comments that indicated he wasn’t happy with how many players were not practicing, but he does believe this team has the heart to win out and make the playoffs.

“Of course we have it. It has been proven that we have it. Honestly, I don’t know why we don’t go out and just play [with] it every game. It starts in practice man. This s*** starts in practice.”

“We need to have everybody on the field. If you are injured, then so be it, you are injured, we understand that. But nicks and bruises, everyone needs to be on the field man. Because we are not getting better like this.”

I have to take issue with Rolle. These past few weeks he has been all talk on the radio about how the Giants have heart and they can play with passion, yet I see plays like the one I saw on Sunday.

On a particular third and long for the Redskins, Rolle was in man coverage on a receiver, I forget who, and Grossman hit him on a corner route. Rolle was jogging behind the receiver, showing no effort whatsoever.

And let’s not forget the play where he missed a tackle on Donte Stallworth, who was able to gain 16 yards and set up a manageable 4th and 1 play, which the Redskins converted.

Had Rolle made the tackle, the Giants would have forced a punt; instead the Redskins scored a touchdown.

Before Rolle makes any more stupid comments, he needs to check himself in the mirror.


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