New York Jets Assistant Brian Schottenheimer a Candidate for Miami Dolphins Head Coaching Job

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Is it possible that Brian Schottenheimer could be on his way out of New York?

The Jets offensive coordinator is a hot topic among Jets fans, with some saying he should be relieved of his playcalling duties, but he reportedly signed an extension to keep him with the Jets potentially until 2013.

At the moment, it doesn’t seem particularly likely that the Jets would fire him after the season, but is it possible that Schottenheimer would consider leaving to take another position elsewhere?

The 38-year-old Schottenheimer has been the offensive coordinator and primary play-caller for the Jets for six seasons now, and the Jets offense has never really taken off under his tenure.

How much of that is actually on Schottenheimer is debatable. It’s clear as the son of a coach, (his father Marty was a long-time NFL head coach, most recently with the Sani Diego Chargers) he knows the game.

With a few head coaching jobs available already in the NFL, there is reportedly talk about Schottenheimer has a legitimate candidate for the Miami Dolphins head coaching job.

While Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has indicated he’d like to hire a highly-paid, big-name coach, some say that he’d like to have a coach for the long haul, perhaps in the mold of a Don Shula.

Is Brian Schottenheimer ready for something like that? It’s impossible to know.

He has gotten interest before, turning down opportunities to interview for the Miami head coaching job in 2007 and the Buffalo Bills head coaching job in 2010.

Each time, he pulled his name out of the running and affirmed his commitment to the Jets. In 2009, he interviewed for the Jets head coaching job before losing out to Rex Ryan and staying on as offensive coordinator.

Miami’s list of candidates is likely going to be a long one, and Schottenheimer is likely not at the top of that list. Nevertheless, it’s more than likely that he wouldn’t be interested in leaving anyway.

It is interesting to think about, however. Many Jets fans criticize Schottenheimer, myself included, for his playcalling or gameplanning at times. But would it be a bad thing to have him coaching a division rival?

Schottenheimer is considered a quarterbacks guru and is responsible for the development of Mark Sanchez, so perhaps having him in the division could be a tricky situation.

That being said, I know plenty of Jets fans who would do anything to have Schottenheimer relieved of his playcalling duties no matter how it happens. To each his own.

In the end, I imagine that Brian Schottenheimer will be back as offensive coordinator of the Jets in 2012. He’s indicated he wants to be here, and the team seems to want him here.

But with the 25th-ranked offense in the NFL this season, he’s still got work to do if he wants to be taken seriously as a top assistant coach in the game. You can’t be an up-and-comer forever, after all.


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