Matthew Stafford and Megatron Stick it to Oakland

By Brian Cote

The Detroit Lions grew up some more on Sunday and proved that the team is further along in the rebuilding process than many would have thought beforehand. Sunday’s game was supposed to be a tough road test against Carson Palmer and the Raiders who are in a playoff battle of their own.

Detroit hung with the Raiders for most of the game, but then fell behind 27-14 in the fourth quarter. That was before Matthew Stafford and Calvin “megatron” Johnson decided to kick it into “beast mode” and lead the team back to a 28-27 victory.

Stafford only threw for 391 yards in the air with four touchdowns, while Johnson added nine catches for 214 yards receiving.

With the Raiders up by 13 at home you would have to think that they were going to hold on, especially with what was at stake. Oakland had a chance to gain ground on the Denver Broncos who were being run out of Mile High by the New England Patriots faster than Tebow could, well Tebow.

Once again the Lions painted the picture to their fans of a young team that was in over their head, but showed resiliency in another late game comeback that has become synonymous with Detroit’s season. Simply put, the Lions of old did not do this.

In the past when Detroit got down in a big game they relented to the pressure of the moment and asked for mercy. This group in Detroit is different. It has been mentioned over and over again that this group of players is determined to permanently change the culture in Detroit.

The front office has responded as well by putting together core players to build around like Stafford and Johnson on offense as well as Ndamukong Suh and Nic Fairley on defense.

If Detroit beats the Chargers on Christmas Eve it would be the best sports present for football fans in Detroit. As weird as it sounds, Detroit would be in the playoffs with a win.

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