Is Bill Cowher the next Chargers head coach?

By Kenny Gardner

According to Mark Cannizzaro of the New York Post, the San Diego Chargers interviewed Cowher to be their head coach.  There were lofty expectations for San Diego over the last couple of years.  Their failure to live up to the hype thus far may signal the end of Norv Turner’s run in San Diego.  Turner has a .615 winning percentage with San Diego, but he has a .500 winning percentage in the playoffs at 3-3. Cowher on the other hand has a winning percentage of .623 for his career and a .571 winning percentage in the playoffs with a 12-9 record. Also, Cowher made it to the Super Bowl as a coach two times and won a title on his last trip to one of the biggest stages in professional sports.  Turner on the other hand has never been the head coach of a team who made it to the Super Bowl.

Turner has coached four full seasons with San Diego, and Cowher had a record of 3-4 in the playoffs after his fourth full season, but he also had a trip to the Super Bowl within those four seasons.  Cowher was quoted in October as saying “I’m here to say to you today, I do not plan on coaching next year.”  Cowher really has nothing to prove, but one has to wonder if the chance of being the 13th coach in NFL history to win multiple Super Bowls is going to lure him out of retirement.

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