Jerry Jones Won't Consider Hiring GM for Dallas Cowboys; Big Shocker

By Jeric Griffin

Dallas Cowboys fans everywhere know team owner Jerry Jones will also be the general manager until he dies. However, Jones seemed compelled to reassure that thought on Monday.

When asked on if he ever considers hiring a general manager, Jones’ reply was unusually swift and to the point.

“No, I don’t,” Jones said. “When I bought the team I said that there’s no way I could make the kind of commitment that I’m making to buy the team and not have the final say relative to the kinds of things that general managers decide. So, I don’t see that at all. What I do see is a better straight line way of making decisions and that has borne out over the years. Now we need to win a Super Bowl.”

Jones’ final comment was right on the money. Cowboys fans as a whole agree Jones is the primary reason the franchise hasn’t won a Super Bowl in 16 years. However, he obviously doesn’t think so and will continue his tyrannical reign on America’s Team until his days are over.

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