New York Giants Eli Manning, Jason Pierre-Paul Make 2012 Pro Bowl

By Jeff Shull

The 2012 Pro Bowl rosters were announced today, and representing the New York Giants will be quarterback Eli Manning and defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul.

Both are definitely deserving of a Pro Bowl spot for the NFC, but you may be sitting there thinking the same thing I am.

Where is Victor Cruz?

Once again the voters have ignored a break through performer and denied a deserving player of a trip to Hawaii.

Cruz is much more deserving than Greg Jennings, who has yet to even break the 1,000 yard mark. Meanwhile Cruz is No. 2 in the NFC with 1,358 yards.

Hopefully either Calvin Johnson or Greg Jennings drops out due to playing in the Super Bowl (unless the Giants make it, of course) because Cruz got the shaft.

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