10 reasons why the Chargers should play hard on Sunday

By Kenny Gardner

1. Avoid a losing record: The Chargers have not had a losing record since 2003

2. Finish second place in the division: San Diego has not finished worse than second place since the 2005 season.

3. End their rival’s season: A victory by the Chargers would put an end to Oakland’s playoff aspirations.

4. Finish top 10 in defense: San Diego currently has the NFL’s 11th ranked defense, and a dominating game would put them among the top 10 teams for defense.

5. Job Security: San Diego had the NFL’s number one offense and defense last season, so expectations were high for this season.  One would have to believe that some jobs are on the line among players on the team.

6. Avoid finishing last in the division: A loss to the Raiders and a win by the Chiefs would put the Chargers in last place for the first time since 2003.

7. Start working on balance for the future: Philip Rivers is sixth in the NFL in passing yards and fifth in attempts while Ryan Mathews is eighth in rushing yards and 14th in attempts.  San Diego is fifth in pass attempts as a team, and 18th in rush attempts.

8. Avoid a losing record in the division: After starting the season 2-0 in the AFC West, the Chargers have dropped three in a row and a loss would give them their first losing record within the division since 2003.

9. Pride: No team likes losing to their division rival

10. End their season on a high note: Most teams would rather end the season with a win as opposed to a loss.

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