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Lions Need to Focus on Packers and not Pro Bowl Snubs

With the final regular season weekend looming, the Detroit Lions have to keep the Green Bay Packers as their top priority. There has been much talk in the media and amongst fans about the Lions only having one pro bowler.

We all know that Detroit currently has the fourth best record in the NFC behind Green Bay, San Francisco, and New Orleans. For a team that is on the up track and rising out of its decade long chamber of doom it is surprising that the team only got one pro bowl selection.

Don’t get me wrong, Calvin Johnson is an excellent if not obvious choice. The big problem I have is with the non-selection of Matthew Stafford. Sure Eli Manning has been there and done that before and he has led his team back several times this season.

Let’s not forget about the comebacks that Stafford lead earlier this season. The Lions were all but dead against the Cowboys and Vikings and came back from deficits of 20 points or more each time.

Stafford has better stats than Manning across the board with the only exception is the 60 yard advantage Eli has in passing yardage. Matthew Stafford is a plus 10 in touchdowns over Manning and has thrown two less interceptions.

Other areas of consideration like completion percentage, quarterback rating, leading the NFL’s worst team from past decade to the playoffs ( I know, not a real category) are all in Stafford’s favor.

Eli did look impressive in wins over New England and Dallas, but has also been wildly inconsistent in big some games as well. Check the Washington game at home a few weeks for notice.

Cliff Avril, Stephen Tulloch, DeAndre Levy, and Kyle Vanden Bosch are Detroit defenders that deserve consideration as well.

Maybe this group of Lions has to consistently prove themselves in the coming years to earn more respect from the players, coaches, and fans who participate in the voting. Whatever the case may be, Detroit has to keep Green Bay in its line of sight.