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Tom Brady Has X Ray On Left Shoulder

New England Patriots signal caller Tom Brady underwent an X ray injury on his shoulder.  Brady is on the brink of passing Dan Marino’s passing record that Drew Brees recently broke.  New England already has injuries on the defensive line with Andre Carter injured and had both offensive tackles miss last weeks game against the Miami Dolphins.  Brady had pressure in his face on the first 6 drives going 3 for 13 before going 24 for 33 the rest of the game.  Could a hit early in the first half cause an injury hat requires an X ray on his left shoulder?

Getting the #1 seed is crucial for New England is because were not a team that is a complete team with key players at the key positions when healthy like Pittsburgh right now.  I think Denver can be competitive.  Last weeks game was a fluke because the Bills defensive coordinator George Edwards was Florida’s defensive coordinator during Tebow’s senior year at Florida.  He got to see Tebow firsthand struggle as a senior so that was a huge edge for the Bills last Sunday.  Brady seems much more prepared for Edward’s defense in week 17 after throwing 4 picks in Buffalo during a week 3 loss.

Having home field can benefit teams that are not always the most complete team on paper because it gives the players and the fans a reason to believe.  ESPN usually builds up way too much hype around their stories especially at quarterback.  New England could be doomed if this injury is too serious.

I’m not buying this smokescreen with Brady’s X-Ray on the left shoulder since Brady throws with his right hand.  I think Brady will play Sunday.  This may come back to bite New England in the postseason if they lose a playoff game.

Maybe New England’s media market is using this injury to create a buzz.  Maybe Brady is really hurt.  The New England Patriots blew a 21 to 0 lead to Buffalo in week 3.  New England knows whats on the line this week and Brady seems mentally prepared so I am very confident about New England’s odds on Sunday.  Brady usually shows up when it matters most.

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