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NFL Chicago Bears

Walking the Plank for the Chicago Bears

This season should have been better than it has turned out. There’s very few excuses anyone at Halas Hall can make about the total collapse of the Chicago Bears. It is time for several individuals to walk the plank for the results. Here’s a list of those that should be seperated from the Bears organization…

Ted Phillips (President): He’s been on the job since 1999, and the organization has grown as much as it is going to under Phillip’s leadership. After all, who designs a football stadium in a football crazed city with the smallest capacity in the NFL? Too many mistakes occur on his watch and it is time for a new direction.

Jerry Angelo (General Manager): You know we landed on the moon, right? This one is pretty obvious. He will hang his hat on the Jay Cutler trade and Julius Peppers’ signing. But his other moves really haven’t worked. Let’s also remember that the Cutler trade was three seasons ago and Peppers was about an obvious of a free agency signing as eating when one is hungry. He’s failed to get Cutler any weapons on offense and has put together a suspect offensive line. It’s like having a really fast car on two wheels. We all know what Cutler can do, so now it’s time to get him some help. He’s also produced very little at the top of the draft and continually wastes draft picks on guys that just aren’t NFL material. This needs to change and Angelo is the one ultimately responsible. The organization cannot keep hanging the hat on his past. At the end of the day, it isn’t spectacular and the past is for cowards and losers.

Tim Ruskell (Director of Player Personnel): The Seattle Seahawks couldn’t wait to dump his rear end, so his old pal Angelo gave him a job. He needs to go keep Angelo company on the golf course. Since Ruskell makes player personnel decisions, was Brandon Meriweather his choice? What about the backup quarterback fiasco? Is Angelo the bandleader and Ruskell the clapping clown behind him? Or does Ruskell have any say over this wonderful collection of stiffs?

Mike Martz (Offensive Coordinator): I don’t think Martz is a terrible football mind. But he sometimes forgets the limitations of his personnel. There’s a reason why he can’t stay in one place, and his time in Chicago needs to end. It’s time to bring in a coordinator that will grow with Cutler.

Darryl Drake (Wide Receivers Coach): Drake is very entertaining. That is where it ends. The Bears wide receivers are the worst in football. They run terrible routes, drop easy passes and lack basic football knowledge. How many time outs are wasted because the Bears wide receivers line up incorrectly? I actually believe receivers become worse because of Drake.

Mike DeBord (Tight Ends Coach): I used to believe Greg Olsen was a bad football player until I saw Kellen Davis play. The Bears tight ends can’t block or get open. The lack of fundamentals kills this group and the blame has to fall on the coach.

Jon Hoak (Defensive Backs Coach): Charles Tillman will be excluded from this rant. I’ve never seen a dumber collection of players than in the Chicago Bears secondary. How many blow coverages, missed assignments and poor tackles will be tolerated? Like Drake, I believe members of the Chicago Bears secondary have become worse. You can keep cutting safeties, but sooner or later, it has to be coaching as well.

Gill Byrd (Assistant Defensive Backs/Safeties Coach): I literally started laughing when I saw that there’s a second clown in this clown college of secondary coaches. Mr. Byrd is in charge of the safeties. If you want to know how awesome this guy is, just watch Major Wright blow another coverage or Brandon Meriweather attempt to play. Does Lovie Smith kick this guy in his jewels after games?

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