Dolphins & Jets Renew Rivalry With A Lot On The Line

By Bill Daulton

The Dolphins might not have a chance to make the playoffs themselves, but they can ruin the playoff hopes of one of their most bitter rivals.  The Jets travel to Miami a beaten and battered team that desperately needs a win to keep their playoff hopes alive.  Actually, the Jets need a win and A LOT of help.  The Jets need to beat the Dolphins and hope the Bengals & Titans BOTH lose and then have either the Broncos or Raiders lose.  I think less things needed to happen to put a man on the moon.

The Jets motivation for Sunday’s game is clear, win and finish 9-7 and keep fleeting playoff hopes alive.  For the Dolphins, their motivation comes from a hatred for arguably their biggest rival.  The Dolphins are 5-10 and will have a new coach in 2012.  The players want to prove that they can play and want to be the ones that end the Jets hopes for the playoffs.

As Kendall Langford said: “We’re fighting for pride, they’re fighting for a playoff spot. We’re going to see who wants it more comes Sunday.”  He’s absolutely right.  The Dolphins are playing for pride in what is the closest thing they’ll have to a playoff game this season.  The Jets NEED to win to have any chance at moving on.

The Jets have looked awful the last 2 weeks, getting trounced by the Eagles and were then beaten in the Battle of New York by the Giants.  Having lost 2 straight games, the Jets have put themselves behind the 8 ball, so to speak.  Rex Ryan has been running his mouth since before the Lockout STARTED.  Even before he knew what teams’ rosters would look like, he proclaimed his Jets were going to the Super Bowl.  Well Rex, it’s getting old and your fans and the NYC media are getting tired of your bark (with no bite).  This Sunday, the Dolphins can make the Jets playoff dreams a nightmare….and they can shut Rex Ryan up for the foreseeable future as well.

It should also be noted that the Dolphins players and fans will be extra pumped on Sunday.  Sunday’s game will be Jason Taylor’s last game as an NFL player (unless he pulls a Favre!).  Expect the Dolphins and their fans to be juiced for the game.  Everyone wants to see JT go out on a high note.  What better way to go out than to crush the playoff dreams of Jets fans…Fans he once said take the ‘cl’ out of ‘class’.

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