Eagles DeSean Jackson Will Be Shown The Door Out In 2012

By Frank Benditt III

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson is a polarizing character, no doubt.  Jackson is known for his big play capabilities.  He is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, player in the NFL.  The question in 2011 still lingers……is DeSean Jackson a true number one receiver?

DeSean Jackson is a unique talent.  Experts will tell you he impacts the game in ways a casual fan does not see.  They say he makes other players open because he stretches the field.  That may be, however, DeSean must actually play hard every down for this to happen.

DeSean Jackson’s numbers this year are O.K.  Jackson has caught 54 passes for 875 yards with three touchdowns.  Jackson’s punt returning has been less than average.

The problem with Jackson is his attitude.  That has always been his Achilles heal.  He fell in the draft for this same reason.  His cockiness, brashness and the me, me, me attitude.  Fast forward.  Jackson has shown that he still has not learned how to be a professional.

With his contract not extended, DeSean felt snubbed by earning around $600,000 in his final year of his rookie deal.  The result:  speculative effort, alligator arms and limited overall production.

The Eagles front office has seen enough.  I believe Jackson has ultimately hurt himself in the fact that he has left money on his free agency table.

The Eagles door is wide open, gladly showing the diminutive Jackson out.  The Eagles will be better for it.  NFL football is a team sport.  Jackson is a me only guy.  Myself and the Eagles, are sick and tired of me guys.  Farewell, D.S.

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