For Dolphins, Getting an ELITE QB is Top Priority

By Bill Daulton

If I asked you to name the past 18 Super Bowl winning QBs, could you do it?  Do you know how many names on that list are marginal QBs like the Dolphins have been trotting out for the last 12 years (since Marino retired)?  The following list shows just how important it is for the Dolphins to find and acquire an ELITE quarterback this offseason.  Yes, Matt Moore has done a good job this year.  But, do we honestly think he’s the next Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers…or even Eli Manning?  Moore’s passer rating in the 4th quarter of games is a paultry 61.6.  Yes, he does a good job earlier in games, but why does he falter at the time of the game that is most important.

Previous 18 Super Bowl Winning QBs: Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Big Ben, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Big Ben, Tom Brady, Tom Brady, Brad Johnson, Tom Brady, Trent Dilfer, Kurt Warner, John Elway, John Elway, Troy Aikman, Steve Young, Troy Aikman, and Troy Aikman. Out of the last 18 Super Bowls there are 2 (Dilfer and Johnson) that were game managers as their defenses were ferocious.  Of those 18 Super Bowls, 6 were won by QBs that are in the Hall of Fame already.  4 of those Super Bowls were won by guys named Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.  The other 6 Super Bowls were won by QBs that can be considered top 5 QBs in the NFL.

See what I mean?  Winning the Super Bowl, the ultimate prize for any NFL team, is done so by having an elite player at football’s most important position, quarterback.  So, whoever the Dolphins next coach is, he must decide how to get his hands on an elite qb.  Maybe it’s making a trade up for Andrew Luck, if that’s even possible.  It might cost 3 first round picks, but isn’t that worth it?  Wouldn’t you trade the last 3 Dolphins 1st round picks (Pouncey, Odrick, Vontae Davis) for a young Tom Brady?  Yes, they are all promising young players, but an elite QB is worth so much more.  RGIII, if he comes out, isn’t as sure a thing as Luck, but he could develop into a franchise QB.  Actually, there are some ‘experts’ that think RGIII has a higher ceiling than Luck (I don’t agree).

Another option that could be available to the Dolphins is to trade for or sign Peyton Manning if the Colts end up with Luck.  Peyton will be 36 and is coming off of a neck injury.  However, if he’s healthy, he could be the missing piece in Miami.  I mean, look at how awful the Colts have been this year without him.  They went from being a playoff team to a team that is battling for the #1 pick in the draft.

It will be interesting to see what the Dolphins do.  They realize the need for a franchise guy as much as we do.  Stephen Ross is said to be enamored with Luck, but he might not have the chance to draft him if the Colts get the #1 pick.  He and the Dolphins might have to look elsewhere to find their elite QB…but trust me, they’ll be looking….

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