Eagles Brandon Graham and Nate Allen Must Prove Themselves in Year Three

By Frank Benditt III

The Philadelphia Eagles are a team that has had many questionable drafts.  To be fair, many NFL teams have missed on players.  What is different about the Eagles is that they are the masters of out-smarting themselves.  The front office knows better than any fan, writer, NFL pundit or draft expert.

In 2010, the Eagles moved up to the 13th overall pick to grab a defensive end (not the safety, Earl Thomas, that they desperately needed).  The brass chose Brandon Graham out of Michigan over Jason Pierre-Paul and Derrick Morgan.

Graham was less than stellar his rookie campaign before going down to injury late in the season.  Graham tore his ACL and then had the dreaded micro-fracture surgery.  He has made only a couple appearances this season, still not fully recovered.

Nate Allen was drafted 37th overall and was slated to be a started from day one.  After making 13 starts as a rookie, Allen tore his patella tendon.  Coming back for his second year, Allen lost then regained his starting job.

Nate Allen play has been sketchy at best.  I guess, he is still a work in progress.  Improvement in the tackling game would be a good start.

I am not a fan of either player, however, they were injured and are still young.  Year three is their proving ground.  Did the Eagles make a sound decision on these two or will they be soon forgotten?

I say they swung and missed, twice.

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