Dallas Cowboys Choke Again; Longest Offseason in Team History Begins

It does hurt, but it was almost expected. The Dallas Cowboys didn’t show up to play in the NFC East championship game against the New York Giants on Sunday night. Most with knowledge of the team predicted a .500 season in 2011 and hit the nail right on the head. After this highly disappointing season, the conclusion is now concrete; the Cowboys are an average team and will continue to be until some serious personnel changes are made.

The Cowboys won four games in 2011 when trailing in the fourth quarter. Dallas also lost five games this year when leading in the fourth quarter. To coin a phrase, you can’t take one step forward and two steps back.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was as inconsistent as ever this season, making huge plays at the most unexpected times while making critical errors at the most inopportune times. Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett was just as inconsistent; Dallas’ newest play-caller suffered some serious growing pains during his rookie season and doesn’t appear to be getting the hang of his new gig.

Cowboys team owner and general manager Jerry Jones has a lot of work to do this offseason if he wants to avoid another embarrassing season. This team easily could have been 12-4 if it weren’t for the fourth quarter collapses. However, that’s what separates good teams from great teams; Dallas wasn’t even a good team in 2011.

The Cowboys need several big changes in the secondary for starters; Giants quarterback Eli Manning threw for nearly 800 yards and five touchdowns in two games against Dallas this year. Cowboys cornerbacks Terence Newman, Orlando Scandrick and Alan Ball all need to be either cut or traded prior to the 2012 season. That’s not nearly all, though.

The never-ending saga of the validity of Romo’s position as starting quarterback of the Cowboys is now at its most controversial state yet. Another “big game” loss will take its toll on Dallas’ signal-caller for another loss offseason and Garrett will have the same time to second-guess himself and take a verbal thrashing from Jones. It’s going to be a rough offseason in Valley Ranch.

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  • http://Rantsports Bob

    The cowboys played bad this game and I give some players props for having heart(romo,Bryant,lee) but didn’t pull it of because their teammates let them down. I agree romo was inconsistent but he has been playing consistently as of late but the lost soley on the defense all of it once the cowboys get a offseason with Murray room will play even more consisistently because that was his cushion. But I will love the cowboys even though I think some people need to go ad I give romo props for being the cowboys QB one of the most scrutinized positions.

  • Randy Jarrell

    You can blame Tony Romo all day long but until Jerry Jones is gone, the Cowboy will continue to just be an ego-maniac’s toy to experiment with. Unfortunately, the experiments are huge failures. Great leaders throughout history surround themselves with great talent, not try do more than they are capable of doing. The Cowboys of old did it with Landry, Brandt and Schram; no owner interference. They became the prize franchise in sports. Mr. Jones, read some history and take some notes. Great owners have great team. For almost 20 years, the Cowboys aren’t. Thanks alot, Jerry! Please either sell the team or let a real “football mind” run it! – A Broken Hearted Cowboy Fan since ’66

  • bbogg

    Romo is not the blame, and never has been. Romo is the only reason the Cowboys are even in the game, and fortunately he will be the Cowboys quarterback for many years to come. All you shallow minded Romo haters might want to pick another team to root for, because Jerry isn’t listening to you morons. On the subject of Jerry, he has 3 rings, and I love him as owner, and was glad he fired Tom Landry. Landry needed to be fired 3 years before he was fired. I loved Landry, but the game passed him by. Back to the Cowboys, the Cowboys are pathetic in the secondary, and there has been no changes there in years. Neuman sucks, and so does Ball. On the offensive side all the Cowboys need is one more significant lineman, and on defense we need one more pass rusher and 3 new secondary starters. The offense is set, and we do not need to do a thing to that unit except cut Martellus Bennet, and Ogletree. I’m actually glad the ‘Boys lost, because with the secondary we have Romo would have suffered another playoff loss, and he doesn’t deserve that. Remember that Romo’s rating is over 100, he has the highest 4th quarter rating of all time, and is the second highest rated quarterback of all time. Stats don’t lie, and he threw 2 TD’s and completed 78% of his passes last night with a bad hand, but I’m sure you haters will discount that. Keep on hating because he doesn’t care and neither does Jerry, nor do I.