Chicago Bears Should Hire Bill Polian Now!


The Football Gods presented the Chicago Bears with a gift today, and his name is Bill Polian. The former GM and architect of the Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers and Indianapolis Colts is on a silver platter.

With a solid team in place, he’s the perfect guy to bring in the players the Bears need. In addition to finding numerous wide receivers everywhere he’s been, he’s an excellent evaluator of talent. All of the things Jerry Angelo can’t do, Polian does extremely well.

Obviously he became the fall guy for the Colts this season, but he was led to believe Payton Manning might return. It was a poor decision on his part, but there’s a load of talent on the Colts. These are his players. And frankly, you cannot replace a Manning on a whim. The Colts will regret this move, and the Bears could be the recipient of the Colts’ stupidity.

Here’s to hoping anyway. Follow me on Twitter at ChicagoBearJew.

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