Flynn Proves Value in Packers Win

By Jamie Wianecki
Prior to Sunday’s game, the Packers had already clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs, so beating the Lions wouldn’t benefit their playoff position. In order to avoid injury to key, irreplaceable players McCarthy sat Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, and Charles Woodson. With Rodgers sitting out, that meant Matt Flynn was going to get his second career NFL start. Packer fans remember his first start last year against the Patriots when Rodgers was out due to a concussion. Despite Rodgers sitting out, Packer fans had a lot to be excited about going into Sunday’s game against the Lions. But no one predicted or expected Flynn to end the night as the team’s single game record holder for most yards and touchdown passes.

Flynn had the luxury of weapons like Jordy Nelson, Jermichael Finley, and Ryan Grant.  But teams who are or should be looking for new quarterbacks don’t have those kinds of weapons. Teams who had poor quarterback play like the Dolphins, Browns, Seahawks, and Redskins are some of those teams who could be candidates for Flynn. Too bad for Flynn the Cardinals are most likely going to give Kevin Kolb another shot next year, because Larry Fitzgerald would be a dream target. Seattle would be a good fit because of the weak division, but Miami showed some promise with good defensive play, plus Brandon Marshall is a big target with Pro Bowl talent and Reggie Bush playing with a huge chip on his shoulder. But, unlike the NFC West, the AFC East is a very competitive division.

Flynn should expect a multi-year contract worth about $5 million per year; however, in recent years players such as Kevin Kolb and Matt Cassel were given contracts around $10 million per year based on potential from a considerably small sample size. Packer fans hope these two games are the last they see of Flynn unless it’s because of a Packers blowout lead late in the fourth quarter.

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