Minnesota Vikings lease at Metrodome Officially Ends

By Andrew Fisher

Yesterday marked the end of the lease agreement between the Vikings and long-time home the Metrodome. It has been 30 years since the Vikings have called another place home. The place now officially known as ‘Mall of America Field,’ may have just hosted the last game for the Vikings, but I doubt it. In all likelihood the Vikings will sign some type of short term deal to return at least for one more season.

For many months now rumors have swirled if the Vikings will be back in Minnesota next season. A move to Los Angeles has been thrown around, among other places. I just don’t see this happening. The people of Minnesota love their Vikings, and while a new stadium probably won’t be ready for a couple years, the most likely future home is just miles away from the Metrodome in Arden Hills, MN.

While it’s way too soon to start making bold predictions, the safe money is that the Vikings will play in the Metrodome next year. The team will probably reach a deal in the near future to start constructing a new stadium somewhere near the Minneapolis area, and that Vikes fans really don’t have to worry about a move to the West Coast. Los Angeles Vikings? It just doesn’t sound right. While Minnesota clearly has an assortment of on the field issues, the number one issue going in to the off-season has to be the future home of the franchise.

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