Ten Random Thoughts on the 2011-2 Chicago Bears


1. Jerry Angelo needs to go. It’s easy to go all meathead on you here, but it’s more about finding a new direction with player evaluation. Angelo hasn’t properly addressed several positions and wastes way too many draft picks on guys that aren’t NFL talent. His failures were certainly magnified this season with injuries and bad moments on the field, so hopefully George McCaskey saw these same things and moves the organization in another direction. Bill Polian was just fired from the Colts after a long successful run in both Buffalo and Indianapolis. I’d love to see him have a shot with the Bears. Here’s my list from earlier on Angelo and others that need to leave Chicago ASAP (Click Here).

2. I’m somewhat relieved that Jay Cutler and Matt Forte didn’t come back this season. Obviously I wanted the Bears to make the playoffs, but now these two  can properly heal for next season. Cutler is way too valuable to even consider bringing back early. Forte also needs to make sure his knee is 100% for next season. If Forte needs any leverage at Halas Hall in his contract negotiations, he just got it.

3. Now that the Bears should have learned how great Cutler really is, they need to get him some weapons. The main focus in the offseason needs to be wide receiver. There’s no reason why the Bears can’t address this with a deep crop in free agency. It’s time to give Cutler guys that can really make plays.

4. My favorite Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher dodged a huge bullet from my least favorite Bear Major Wright. It looked as if Urlacher was severely injured when Wright launched himself like an out-of-control lawn dart on a pass break-up, but Urlacher somehow ended up with what’s being called an MCL and PCL sprain. He walked off the field under his own power and was celebrating a missed field goal by the Vikings by jumping up-and-down on the next play. We’ve been very lucky to have Urlacher and he’s really a credit to the game. It’s a shame because we don’t know how many years are left. For the time being, it looks like ten weeks of rehab.

5. Kahlil Bell cannot hold onto the football. For those of you wondering why a guy with decent running skills doesn’t play very often, you got your answer on Sunday. That’s three fumbles in two weeks.

6. Many of you would like to see the Bears draft a wide receiver in the first round, but I would like to see the Bears draft a safety. Chris Conte looks like he can play, but Wright is terrible. A reallly good safety alongside Conte will fix many of the issues in this secondary. If you look at the top teams, each one has at least one great safety. The Bears have none. While Urlacher does play linebacker like a safety at times, it’s still not what this team needs moving forward. By getting a good safety, Urlacher can play closer to the line of scrimmage. That will help with run support.

7. I’d also like to see the Bears start drafting some replacements for veterans like Urlacher. There’s no better way than to learn under one of the immortal players of all time, so why not give some kids a chance. There’s so little depth on this team that it has to be addressed. By having competent backups, the Bears can give some of the older players a series or two off. That will help towards the end of the season.

8. Josh McCown certainly played like a respectable backup quarterback. He should have the job next season. Caleb Hanie should be in the CFL with his pal Andy Fantuz.

9. You may think I’m a bit crazy, but I have a feeling Roy Williams will be back next season. Don’t know why I feel that way, but the Bears aren’t going to give up on him quite yet. Frankly, he played a lot better towards the end of the season. OK, forget I said that…his bobbled pass against Kansas City is one of the major reasons the Bears are home for the winter.

10. I think the Giants will win the NFC. I like the fact they had to earn their spot for the playoffs and they’ve got some real weapons on both sides of the ball. Call it a gut feeling…

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