NFL Chicago Bears

The Winds of Change at Halas Hall

In the most obvious shocking move of all-time, the Chicago Bears fired General Manager Jerry Angelo. Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz and Quarterback Coach Shane Day also resigned.

Considering Martz was rumored on his way out anyway, it wasn’t really much of a shock. Due to the poor quarterback play by Caleb Hanie, Day obviously wasn’t going to walk away from this either. I’m thinking that Offensive Line coach Mike Tice is the next offensive coordinator. But let’s focus on Angelo…

I’ve been telling anyone that will listen that Angelo was gone. There’s no way the powers that be could let this season go unnoticed. Kudos to the Bears for actually firing Angelo. It sends a message that the collapse of this past season will not be tolerated. Angelo’s drafts and personnel decisions have also been questionable in recent years and he needed to be held accountable.

If you heard what CEO George McCaskey and President Ted Phillips had to say, they certainly thanked Angelo for his time but expressed great disappointment in his work. Now McCaskey has a real chance to make this his organization. While he suggested Phillips will lead the search, my guess is that McCaskey will have a role in this process. To McCaskey’s credit, he noticed the empty seats for the last two home games.

One of the things McCaskey brings to the table is his experience from being Ticket Manager. Obviously he has an idea of the fans’ feelings. I will tell you as a season ticket holder he was very interactive with fans and really listened to what we had to say. When there was an issue, he personally made sure things were resolved.

This is a critical time for the Bears. The right hire will make this an elite franchise. I have faith in this organization. Let’s hope I’m proven right.

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