Cleveland Browns Can't Go Wrong In The First Round Of The 2012 Draft

By Andrew Limpert

Gun or ammunition?  That is a serious question when it comes to the Cleveland Browns offense.  A question that must be answered before the 2012 NFL Draft.

The Browns had little spark on offense.  Greg Little was impressive at times.  Jordan Norwood was impressive as well.  But the Browns lack a true home run threat.  A wide receiver who is a real threat to a defense.  The Browns have lacked a real threat of that caliber for many years.  But they also lack the quarterback to connect with the big play receiver.  Colt and Seneca both showed flashes this season.  But they both seem to lack the qualities of a franchise quarterback.  But when it comes to the first round of the upcoming draft, the Browns may have to choose between quarterback and wide receiver.  So if it comes down to it, who do they pick?  Well, in my opinion, you have to go with the playmaker and take a wide receiver.  A player like Justin Blackmon would be an electric addition to the Browns offense.  He’s a big physical receiver with good hands.  He is just the type of player you would love to throw to and would bring immediate legitimacy to the wide receiving group.

But is a quarterback the way to go?  The Browns certainly would love to grab Andrew Luck.  But they will most likely have to trade up to get him.  Robert Griffin III could be available at the Browns selection, but he will have to prove to the Browns that he isn’t simply a system quarterback.  There is also talent outside of the top five.  Ryan Tannehill is another option.  The signal caller from Texas A&M hasn’t played the position that long and has a great deal to learn.  But he has shown some talent and could be great down the road.  There is also Nick Foles, Brandon Weeden, and Kirk Cousins to consider as well.

The Browns appear to be ready to reshape this offense.  And really either way, they can’t go wrong.  Whether it’s Luck, Griffin, Blackmon, Jeffrey, or even Richardson.  Any one of those players could come in and make a huge difference.  And the Browns certainly have the picks to build the offense throughout this draft.  Prospects like LaMichael James and Joe Adams can be found outside of round one.  It’s all in the hands of Tom Heckert now.  It is up to him to rebuild this offense.  And when it comes to round one of this upcoming draft, he can’t go wrong with any of the offensive talent available.  It’s not really a question of who we should take.  It’s a question of who wouldn’t we take.


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