2012 NFL Playoffs: NFL Rant - AFC Playoff Preview

By grant.brown

The NFL playoffs are here and that means it’s time to put up or shut up. Rant Sports’ own Aaron Kirn and Jeric Griffin debated who will win the AFC Wildcard matchups this weekend and things got a little heated. You can watch the video right here on the Coors 2012 NFL Playoffs page at Rant Sports.

Jeric thinks the young Cincinnati Bengals will waltz into Reliant Stadium and take down the reeling Houston Texans on Saturday afternoon. He cites the face Houston is down to its third-string quarterback in TJ Yates and even he is questionable for the game. Aaron disagrees completely, saying the Bengals don’t stand a chance because the Texans’ defense and running game is superior.

Of course, the Tim Tebow topic was a big part of the debate. Aaron thinks Tebow Time is over the Pittsburgh Steelers will blow out the Denver Broncos on Sunday. He says Tebow doesn’t stand a chance against the Steelers’ defense. Jeric says Tebow Time is just beginning and the Broncos’ young quarterback will have a big fourth quarter and lead Denver to a win. He also cites the fact Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and running back Rashard Mendenhall are both injured. This one especially got heated.

This is just the beginning of several Rant Sports videos about the NFL playoffs. The Wildcard round is sure to be even more exciting than Aaron and Jeric’s rant. Be sure to check out their debate to get you ready for this weekend’s AFC Wildcard matchups!

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