Coach Harbaugh Born on the Frozen Tundra

By timepstein

Jim Harbaugh’s obvious acute understanding of football is probably the very same reason the 49ers can’t score in the red zone.

These red zone problems the San Francisco 49ers are facing are sometimes the unfortunate symptoms of being born with a beating-football in your chest —in lieu of a heart. Even if it helps pump football-passion throughout the veins, it also re-surfaces a variable which sometimes stifles red zone success.

This often misunderstood variable is simply referred to as, the fundamentals. It’s about; passing, catching, kicking, blocking, running, and tackling with both hands. It comes from a ‘school of thought’, that’s old, and rooted in football success! But sometimes, it manifests itself into a low-risk offense.

You see, I believe Jim Harbaugh must have been born on football Sunday, and was delivered directly onto “The Frozen Tundra.” And his first words must have been, “Touchdown!”

But while there …on the ‘frozen tundra’, as Couch Harbaugh was growing-up, he quickly noticed that every achievement was meticulously measured by “The inch.” Of course these epiphanies lead to another, and then to another larger epiphany, which are — the fundamentals of the NFL!

So today, when we look back at Jim Harbaugh’s formative years, we can almost see the plays that the San Francisco 49ers will run —today. They’ll be smart, clever, ‘fundamentally sound’, and they’ll probably kick a field-goal instead of going for it when it’s fourth and one!

So …F $%* (expletive) Niners red zone successes, they haven’t had them all year —only to end their regular-season, 13 – 3, or, successfully, with a first round playoff bye.

After all, “it’s a game of inches!”

Coach Harbaugh understood football immediately. As he got bigger and older while growing up on the ‘frozen tundra’, all Coach Harbaugh had to do was put his ear to the turf —to hear the steady beat behind all the Lombardi trophies.

The End

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