Much to the Dismay of Cowboy Fans, Jerry Jones Doesn't Believe System is Broken

By Marian Hinton

Less than a week after the Dallas Cowboys’ season abruptly ended at the hands of the New York Giants, fans are seeing things a bit more clearly.

In fact, if fans were honest with themselves, even the most devout knew it would likely end this way.


And once again, those fans are left hoping and praying that something, anything, will change next year.

Cowboy fans may not agree on everything when it comes to their beloved team, but they all seem to agree on one thing: Jerry Jones needs to step down as the team’s general manager.

This is a point that we’ve heard ad nauseam over the years.

It seems so obvious to everyone.

Everyone, of course, except one person.

Let me be clear; I think Jerry Jones is one of the best owners in the NFL. However, his success as an owner is greatly hampered by one thing: his inability to see that his GM, the person whose sole responsibility is to put together a winning football team, has won ONE playoff game in the last 15 seasons.

Sorry, Cowboy fans. Don’t look for Jones to relinquish his position as the team’s general manager any time soon. It’s simply not going to happen.

Jones reiterated this yesterday when, on the radio station 105.3 The Fan, he suggested that adding another GM would simply get in the way of how the organization operates.

He explained that when he has questions about football operations he can get answers from a variety of legitimate football sources without having to hire another person that would “deter from the mix.”

And there, Cowboys fans, is where the problem lies.

Jerry Jones doesn’t believe there is a problem, and we all know that if we don’t see something as broken, we don’t make plans to fix it.

So, once again, Cowboy fans are left hoping that next season will be different somehow.

Yet, with each passing year, as Jones continues to ignore the problem and it’s oh-so-simple solution, those hopes are growing more dim with each passing, mediocre season.

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