2012 NFL Mock Draft: Redskins Have Several Choices

By Ricky Allen

The Washington Redskins have no excuses this year as to why they can’t pick a decent quarterback for the  2012 season. There are some good quarterbacks in the 2012 NFL Draft that could make an big impact on a team still trying to make the playoffs.

So let’s “go there”: Who would be a good fit for the Washington Redskins?

If the 2012 NFL Draft were held today, here are the players I would expect the Redskins to have on their list as choices:

1. Robert Griffin III. Yes. Having a quarterback of his caliber would take a lot of weight off the Redskin’s offensive line.  This guy needs maybe 2-3 seconds in the pocket before he explodes off the line or hurls one deep. He’s a fast rusher that I would consider Michael Vick 2.0. The Redskins could use a quarterback that’s not afraid to run for the first down and then some.  I’ve been reading online that many sports enthusiasts believe that some players should be traded  to get Robert, and some future picks selections should accompany them. One name that came up was Roy Helu.

I don’t agree with that because he’s a future rock star for the Redskins. Give him a quarterback that runs just a vicious as he does and opponents will change their Facebook status to “It’s getting complicated out here”.  Griffin fits the scheme of the Redskins and provides more opportunities for better first and third-down conversions.

2. Kirk Cousins. Call me crazy, but one of the things that I liked about watching Kirk Cousins play was his lack of fear in the pocket. He’s willing to wait for the play to develop. However, for a Redskins offensive line that has seen it’s ups and downs this could be a problem. He goes deep, which is great for a secondary that rarely sees it with accuracy.  However, he does throw into a lot of coverage, which has me worried. He’s my No.2 choice because he is quick out the pocket and that may even his performance out. He knows the plan and executes it. Redskins receivers would love a guy like Cousins.

3. Landry Jones. I had this guy really at No.5 on my list but when you look at his run game, he’s a nice fit. Again, this is where I believe the Redskins lack depth. We need a playmaker. Here’s a person who’s a smooth bootlegger, can get the ball deep into the redzone, and who also has a quick arm. He’s also fond of throwing to the outside. He’s not a real center field-throwing type of guy from what I’ve seen.

Honorable Mention: Brandon Weeden. I’m not a fan-sorry. He’s risky, throws into coverage that always looks like it’s about to be picked off, and receivers always seem to have to fight for the catch. Like I said, not a fan, but I’m sure his fans will educate me on why he should be an option. He’s one of those picks that if you had to get a new quarterback, he’d be on that list, so he’s on here.

Honorable Mention: Ryan Tannehill. Here’s a quarterback that will need a complete, healthy, offensive line. He’s basic, nothing special, but plays a decent quarterback spot better than some people we know (clears throat). He had 29 touchdowns but 15 interceptions. With a passer rating close to what we have now, he should be a last resort.


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