Alex Smith, Pro Bowler

By timepstein

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Jim Harbaugh is an Attaboy-Type-Coach! “He’s just frigging kicking ass out there!” You see, he can’t help himself. He can’t stop praising his players, especially his sixth-year quarterback, Alex Smith, and you know what? He’s not even trying to hide it, “It’s no secret.” He says, “It’s no secret that I have a lot of respect for Alex’s play, really like being around him …”

And he continues, because it’s all about Attaboys, “I think he’s a very good, smart football player that is young and getting better. It’s pretty well documented. Alex is our guy and he’s rising to the occasion.”

Since the beginning of the 2011 season, these types of ‘Attaboys’ have been his mantra, and they’ve continued. Today we just might be closer than ever —to find the elusive value that an ‘Attaboy’ actually carries,

Apparently, with Coach Harbaugh, it’s a first round playoff bye, with his quarterback having his best season ever, actually coming closer to those lofty expectations he had when he came into the league as a 2005 first round draft-pick. But Coach Harbaugh isn’t done,

And —why should he be? His mantra has been like music, the apparent rhythm and heartbeat of the successful 2011 San Francisco 49er season. Alex Smith has been flourishing …

But lately, his mantra has become much more focused —eventually reaching past the Super Bowl to our 50th state, Hawaii. He says Alex Smith is a Pro Bowler? Yes. He says, confidently, “There’s no doubt in my mind that Alex Smith deserves to go to the Pro Bowl.”

Wow. And now, as the Niners cruise into the playoffs, Coach Harbaugh is sticking to his mantra. He says he wants Alex Smith back,

“I told Alex, ‘Hey, we’re going to want you to come back next year. But he’s focused on the season, and that’s where his mindset is at. And I totally respect that, and we’ll talk about it and address it once the season is over. That’s the way I understand it right now.’”

That’s right. The season isn’t over. Because, what is the value of an ‘Attaboy’? Can they —carry the value equivalent to a Super Bowl Championship?!

Attaboy = Can be something physical, such as a slap on the back, or, what’s said when one does a damn fine job!

The End

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