Jason Garrett Lied; Dallas Cowboys Held Hostage by Coward Coach

Jason Garrett NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants

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Jason Garrett lost all respect on Wednesday, if he had any left to lose. The Dallas Cowboys‘ head coach confirmed his position as Jerry Jones’ latest “yes man” by providing the most pitiful excuse for the Cowboys’ disappointing 8-8 season. Garrett said this was a rebuilding year for the Cowboys, so a .500 season was expected. That’s a load of horse radish because he said the opposite five months ago.

“Well, we’ve said it right from the outset, we made some decisions in our organization where we moved on from some older players that probably would have given us maybe a better chance to win right now because we wanted to take it in a different direction,” Garrett said.

That is a baldfaced lie. The Cowboys did indeed cut some veteran this past offseason that were hindering the team. The guys who took their places are better players right now. Plus, Garrett said in August that those players were cut to help the team win “right now.”

“We felt like it was the best move for us right now,” Garrett said when the Cowboys cut six veterans last offseason. “There’s nothing purposeful in saying, ‘We’ve got to get rid of all the old guys and sign all the young guys.’ That’s not what we’re thinking. We’re just trying to make our team as good as it can be right now.”

Garrett is making a pitiful excuse for his team’s poor performance this season and there’s no room for that in Dallas. It would be a lot different if Garrett had said his team didn’t execute and he’ll fix that this offseason, but he didn’t. The Cowboys are now held hostage by a weak coach who is putting on a façade of a tough guy.

This is exactly why Dallas started 1-7 under Wade Phillips in 2010; the players had no respect for their head coach. Garrett is following right in Phillips’ footsteps by not taking responsibility for his actions and let’s not forget that he preached accountability to his players all season. It’s time to practice what you preach, Coach.

I mean at least try not to say the exact opposite of what you said five months ago. This team was labeled a rebuilding team, but Garrett flat-out rejected that title and consistently said this team was ready to win “right now.” The fact he’s going back on that now is nauseating. Cowboys fans have been hostage of too many weak coaches and now it appears we’re eating a different bowl of the same disgusting soup.

You may not believe this, but that’s not even the best part. Garrett said the phrase “growing pains” about 50 times when referring to this past season, a one in which Dallas was one win away from a division title. That’s a rebuilding year? A team that easily should have been 12-4 is starting over? Rubbish.

Garrett is smoking something really good if he thinks Roy Williams, Sam Hurd, Marion Barber, Leonard Davis or Marc Colombo would have made this team a contender in 2011. Andre Gurode is the only veteran cut who would have made a difference. Maybe Garrett is saying what Jones wants because he’s the one who claimed responsibility for wanting those veterans cut so the Cowboys could win “right now.” A rebuilding year my foot.

The Cowboys are doomed until Garrett is fired. I had all the faith in the world in this guy until he pulled this little stunt. He has no cojones and that’s what the Cowboys desperately need in a head coach. Any candidates in mind?

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    • http://n/a Tom Esposito

      as a giant fan i beg you to keep jason garret as head coach i was nervous when they let wade go but jason has filled in nicely.by the way isn’t rob(the blowhart) ryan the face of the cowboys? please stay on your current course the cowboys make tom coughlin look like chuck knoll

  • robbo24

    Yeah Bill Polian! All day long as the fixer to our GM problems. It’s why we are rebuilding every year.

  • Bweathe

    Fired? Please. Did getting rid of those guys help the team “right now.” Yeah. Was it a “rebuilding” year. Yeah. Are you familiar with something called spin? Owners do it. GM’s do it. Coaches do it. AND, if they’re all on the same team and get together to come up with a story to tell people like you, well, here we are. Is he Jerry’s yes man. Of course. Jerry’s his boss and he’s been a coach less than two years. Duh. Get a grip and find something more enlightening to write about. Or is this the result of saying yes to your boss.

  • Slow Down there

    Yeah it was a bold faced cowardly lie… but this is a little bit of an overreaction dont you think? This is his first year as a head coach at any level, and learning how to handle failure is part of the job. He didn’t do it well this time, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a chance to improve.

  • DC Cowboy

    I absolutely agree, and then some!!

    I am so sick and tired of the weak coaches in Dallas that I have to assume failure before we even get started with our season. Lets put it like this, in our American culture of professional sports we have a franchise in every one of our major sports leagues that represent the excellence of that sport. For basketball there are the Lakers and/or Celtics, baseball has the Yankee’s/Red Socks, and in football there are the Steelers/Cowboys, and with these teams comes a different ego to the athlete that plays for these teams. It takes a Phil Jackson, Mike Tomlinson, or Joe Torre who we all know as great managers of great talent and great ego’s to bring these players on the same level to achieve greatness. Since the retirement of the triplets the Cowboys resembles that high school English class who’s being run by the substitute teacher totally chaotic. Ive never seen so many consistent miscue’s on any other of the great American franchise’s than what’s going on in Dallas. The inmates are running the asylum!! False start after false start, players not knowing there route or assignments, everybody’s quitting in the first half. This show of professionalism has been totally ridiculous!!

    Furthermore what Ive noticed and have been noticing since Jason became the offensive coordinator after Sporanno left with Parcells, is his inability to adjust to the team we have in place. I am a firm believer that a good coach will adjust his game plan to the talent on his team, not the other way around. Last year the Cowboys where built to run the ball with an average weight of about 310lbs. on the offensive line, three deep at the position of running back and a wide receiving core that was looking for its identity, and all we saw was this spread offensive set that produce more penalty yards than points. So he changed everything except his scheme and I honestly thought we where on to something, that buy slimming down the line, and premiering a scat-back running-back committee that where more receivers than runners, Jason could better utilize the talent on deck for his spread the field mentality….WRONG!!

    A few years ago, with Jason at the helm of offensive coordinator, the Cowboys hosted the Ravens in Dallas for a prime-time game and were totally embarrassed by a team we only play once every four years. But what really took me back was the comments made by the great Ray Lewis. After his defense totally dominated the so-called high powered Cowboy offense and an announcer asked him how did they do it. He said,”We knew everything they where trying to do from the snap of the ball.” Basically stating that the offense didnt surprise them at all, and three years later its the same thing, no surprise’s here!! Yeah you can look at stats all day and argue that the offense is not the problem, but what you need to do is watch the game. If not for the great playmaking ability of the talent on this team (Romo, DeShawn, Bryant, Witten, Austin) who can save most broken plays this offense would be dead last in all statistical categories. Think about those 3rd and long’s where Romo takes a seven step drop, looking for open reciever not finding any, and is forced to dodge defenders, while pointing to spots where he wants the receiver then gets the first down despite the busted play extending time of possession and the total amount of yards!! You cant say that was part of the plan! Its the fourth quarter, Dallas up by three possesions, and the play that comes in from our “Genius Head Coach”?? OH-my-Gawd!!!

    Where is Jimmie Johnson when you need him?!

    • robbo24

      The Ray Lewis quote was the icing on your descriptive cake. The lone Romo interception was a perfect example of what Ray Lewis was saying. If BAL only plays the Cowboys every four years knew Cowboys futile offense. Then you know the Giants been picked up on the obvious telegraphic nature of the coach formally know as wonder boy.

  • http://aol wallace davenport

    Some People Cannot do Two things at Once Garrett should Just Coach, or Just Play Call He cannot do Both, Doing the Off Season They should Invest in getting a more agressive Secondary that know how to Tackle.! (Maybe they should play in dark uniforms because the Secondary seemingly don’t like to get Dirty.)