Titans’ Heads are up and They Are not Discouraged about 9-7 Ending to Their Season

By Stephanie Umek

It would be a shame for anyone that follows the Titans to think that this year has been anything but exciting and, actually successful. Yes, it was a huge rollercoaster but Tennessee has overcome a lot in the past years and this years’ 9-7 record defiantly shows their hard work.

Tennessee was not given any credit in the preseason rankings at all. Most television analysts predicted that the Titans would only win five or six games. Needless to say they did have one of the roughest positions coming out of the lockout. Many new coaches and a new Quarterback with the loss of Vince Young to the Eagles, all played into what Tennessee was going to be able to do.

Fortunetly Mike Munchak was able to step in a take charge. He released a post season press conference where he stated, “I was proud of the guys for bouncing back the last two weeks and putting ourselves in the position to reach the playoffs, but we also put ourselves in the position of needing help and it didn’t work out for us today.”

Refer back to my blog post on Saturday to see exactly what would have had to go just their way in order for Tennessee to make it into the playoffs. They needed a lot of help from their fellow teams in the AFC of which did not happen.

The Titans are not too discouraged though. Many other members of the team had positive comments about the ending of their season. Nate Washington, who recorded a career high of 1,000 yards on the season Sunday, stated that it’s “Definitely not the season that we wanted, you know. We had a couple of games that slipped away from us, but to have a winning season after coming off a couple season that didn’t go so well for us, it’s really paid off. We’ve been working very hard with the new coaching staff, and I think this is a true testament that we can only get better.”

The Titans did what they could do on Sunday to secure their chances at a shot in the playoffs. However just winning the game wasn’t going to be enough. Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck touched on how hard it was to win the game and then sit back and wait.

“We knew that was the situation that we were in. We could only do what we could do. We knew that after we lost to the Colts, which was kind of a low point for us. At that point, I think we were 7-7, and Munchak came in and said, ‘Hey, there’s a lot of things this season that would have gone better. We could have done better, but we didn’t. It’s in the past and there’s nothing we can do about that.’ We thought there were some pretty likely scenarios, but we weren’t focused on that at all. We were just focused on taking care of business of the things that were in our hands and that was finishing 9-7.”

Titans fans I think we can all agree on one thing, though Tennessee isn’t going into the playoffs (this year), the Titans are rebuilding a foundation to lead themselves back into seasons like 2008 when they were 13-3. And they are being honest with themselves on what needs to be changed.

Quotes Thanks to www.titansonline.com

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