2012 NFL Mock Draft : Trent Richardson Makes Sense For The Cleveland Browns

By Andrew Limpert

Why in the world would the Cleveland Browns draft Trent Richardson?  Don’t the Browns already have Hillis and Hardesty?  Isn’t Brandon Jackson ready to go for next season?  Why
would you take a running back that high?

When it comes to the Browns offense, they need weapons.  Wide receivers are not the only weapons on a team.  Sure they are usually the highlight real players.  They usually make most of the big plays in a game.  However, the Browns need help everywhere on offense.  The Browns most likely are out of the Andrew Luck bidding.  It also appears likely that Washington will break the bank to trade up with St. Louis to get Robert Griffin III.  The Vikings appear poised to take Justin Blackmon just ahead of the Cleveland Browns.  That leaves us with Mr. Trent

I’ve heard it all when it comes to drafting him as high as we are.  I’ve heard the arguments that a big time running back won’t get you very far.  The problem is, the AFC North is won with big time running games and aggressive defense.  And for the Browns, the running game was hot and cold all season.  Peyton Hillis may not return next season.  Hardesty has been injured since being drafted.  That would leave us with Brandon Jackson, who missed all season with a turf toe injury, and Chris Ogbonnaya.  The Browns defiantly could stand to pick up another running back.

In truth, it really isn’t that hard to like Richardson.  The Alabama product has been a stud.  Some scouts have even suggested that he is even better than fellow Crimson Tide running back and Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram.  While Richardson is not a Heisman Trophy winner, he still plays like a true champion.  Everyone has heard about the talent he has.  His almost unreal combination of size, strength, and speed is well documented.  Honestly, Richardson is the perfect AFC North back.  He has good speed and excels at breaking tackles.  He truly is a bulldozer in the backfield.  Not only that, but he can catch the ball as well, which makes him a threat as a receiver as well.  But what I love the most about Richardson is his drive.  In the weeks leading to the national championship game, he has been driven to beat LSU after losing at home to them earlier in the season.  He has the attitude you love and the skills you w0uld love to have.  As Nick Gilbert would say, what’s not to like?

Given our current situation with Hillis and Hardesty, and the fact that both Luck and Griffin may be gone, drafting Richardson may be the way to go.  An incredibly player like him would be superb addition to the Browns offense.  He would provide power, speed, intensity and drive.  But do not forget, fourth overall pick or not, he is still only one piece.  It will take many pieces to complete our offense.  A speedy wide receiver would most likely be the next piece to be added.  Piece by piece this offense will be together in this draft.  And a big bruising running back, which can wear down a defense and break tackles, would be a great starting piece.

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