San Francisco 49ers: The Catch, The Stop, and other Classics

By timepstein

When it comes to the NFL playoffs you’d better wrap up every cliché ‘known to man’ and hold them close to your bosom. You’ll need every one of them. You must commit them to memory. Most importantly, you’ll need to stretch them to make new ones! Because, later, you can ride these to future glory!

Since our collective favorites, such as, “I’m giving one-hundred and ten percent,” and “you know, I’m just doing what I can to help out the team,” aren’t going to cut it, not anymore. Not since the regular season is behind us. This is the time of year when cliché’s need to edited, deleted, re-worked, tweaked, and re-worked —again! You see, there’s an incredible advantage cliché’s play in the NFL,

In every real sense, clichés are the building blocks for the absolute classics. And you know, the NFL has got a lot of classics, with the San Francisco 49ers patenting several of them: The Catch, The Stop, and the numerous, Etcetera Classics.

But first, before becoming “The Classics”, the foundation must be built atop these types of simple clichés. After this is mastered, we can then go talk to the media, and stretch out the aforementioned clichés with “quotes”.

For example, when Coach Harbaugh played football, he said, “You’re kind of numb after 50 shots to the head.” This is obviously a stretch on the, “I’m giving one-hundred and ten percent,” cliché.

So, one thing leads to another —this is how it works —-after getting the crap beat out of him all day, “50 shots to the head”, if Jim Harbaugh, that’s if, he then threw a pass similar to one Joe Montana threw as he found Dwight Clark streaking across the end zone, then you’ve got a classic! “The Catch”.

Okay, let’s go back. First you pull on the already established cliché, which then leads to a funny quote, then, if followed by excellence on the gridiron, you have a NFL classic.

It’s that simple. Let’s watch the progression. Ex. Washington Redskins quarterback, and Super Bowl Champ, Joe Theisman says, “Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.”

One thing leads to another, right? Now the stretch from the “quote” develops into “A Classic”.
It goes something like this —Just for Joe Montana to see, and then throw the pass to Dwight Clark, is nothing short of genius. Now it becomes very simple, if a football player does something ‘not-stupid’, you have the makings for a classic.

Yes, very simple; stretch the cliché, say something funny to the media, stretch out the quote to a “Classic”.

Let’s continue with a quote from hall of fame defensive lineman, Deacon Jones, “I was the originator of smack. Some guys rattle with smack; with other guys it rolls right off their shoulders like nothing.”

What’s he’s saying: I’m a great defensive lineman. I’m a great tackler. I’ll smack you ‘upside the head’, therefore stunning you, just before I crush your quarterback. Okay?!

Obviously, this is the set-up for the Classic Niners goal line stand in Super Bowl 16. Right? The progression seems obvious,

Remember? It was 3rd and goal from the one. Kenny Anderson drops back and throws a swing pass to Charles Alexander. But of course, he got nowhere, as he met Dan Bunz, who stretched a cliché/quote, “I guess I just wanted it more than him,” into a flattened human-being lying just before the end zone —which became the now Niner classic, “The Stop”. Easy, right?

Oh …I forgot to tell you. A team can also grab ahold of a previous classic and ride them, potentially, all the way to the Super Bowl . . .

The End

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