I Dreamed A Dream Of A 2012 NFL Mock Draft; With Matt Kalil?

By Andrew Limpert

It’s time to think about something that will not happen for the Cleveland Browns.  Or at least it’s highly unlikely that this will happen.

When drafting in the first round, you usually select best player available.  And that player could be Matt Kalil from USC.  No obviously, the Browns do not need another left tackler.
They already have Pro Bowl left tackle Joe Thomas locked in as the franchise player at the position.  But it is interesting to wonder what our offensive line would be with him at right

Kalil is a talented young man.  He forced Tyron Smith to play right tackle when he played for the Trojans.  Matt is a great pass protector and a very good run blocker.  He does just about everything you could ask for in a tackle.  Again, there is very little, if any chance the Browns will take Kalil.  But it is interesting to think about.   An offensive line with Joe Thomas, Alex Mack, and Matt Kalil could be one of the most dominant in football.  Teams that usually blitz heavily on the Browns may find it more difficult to do so with that kind of line.  And whoever our quarterback will be would most certainly have time to throw.

You may now resume your normal thoughts of real offensive playmakers.  However, when you lay down to sleep; take a second to dream a dream so pretty.  Dream of a team that is complete.  With a great defense, playmakers and a quarterback too.  Granted you wouldn’t have the fourth overall pick if that were the case.  But still imagine for a moment having that
team, and the fourth overall pick.  With all your playmakers on both sides of the ball, would you take a chance on Matt Kalil?  Oh the dreams we could dream.  If only we had the playmakers we needed.

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