San Francisco 49ers await the Saints

By timepstein

Here we go! The NFL Playoffs! As the Niners lick their wounds, in complete comfort, it can’t be a better way to start —The Run towards the Super Bowl. Because, stage one is here, today —Are you ready?!

In some ways, as I anxiously await the New Orleans Saints, Detroit Lions game, I really hope the Saints win, only because of my over-sympathetic nature. It’s because of Coach Harbaugh, and his sometimes over-zealous Attaboys. It’s now been documented: Jim Harbaugh is an Attaboy-Type-Coach (Refer to earlier post: “Alex Smith, Pro Bowler”).

Remember? It was a classic NFL Sunday. Then, the Lions were undefeated, and the Niners were searching for respectability. But it happened, right there at Candlestick Park, respect plus credibility instantly, leaving the Niners 5-1.

It was Alex Smith taking the snap on fourth down. He dropped back and found Delanie Walker for a Touchdown. After, the Lions were left holding the empty sack with only 1:56 remaining. And when the final ticks were finally surrendered, Coach Harbaugh put a little twist on the post-game Head Coach Handshake. His Attaboy came viciously, from nowhere,

…Jim Schwartz, the Lions Head Coach, almost became another deadly NFL statistic? Could Coach Schwartz have one of those deadly NFL serious head-Injuries? I don’t know. I do believe Coach Harbaugh was apologetic, but Coach Schwartz, was left mumbling something about proper NFL ethics.

Nonetheless, none of this matters. The New Orleans Saints are going to win. The Lions Roar will be decimated to a domesticated little house cat. The pride will be broken.

These two teams mirror each other in so many ways. They’re ‘trend-followers’ to the letter. They’ve unflinchingly jumped aboard the recent theme of the NFL —‘The Year of the Quarterback’. And the outcome of this game will mirror, exactly, the accomplishments of the team’s quarterbacks.

Drew Brees has had a huge year! He broke Dan Marino’s record that sat, comfortably, for decades, passing for 5,476 yards. Matthew Stafford, the Lions quarterback, passed for 5,038 yards, falling several football fields short of Drew Brees.

So …this continuing theme of Matthew Stafford—‘falling several football fields short’ will follow him, plus his pride, into what will be (hopefully, at least an entertaining game) —The Shoot-Out at the Superdome.

The End

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