San Francisco 49ers, Home-Field Advantage

By timepstein

According to the Sun Tzu classic book about warfare, “The Art of War,” the next blackout the San Francisco 49ers have, is precisely the time, the Niners should —Release the Hounds! Of course, this is to gain the advantage: The Surprise Attack, if you will.

Because —the slogan rings true for all of us —It’s Always Good to Be Home. Yes it is. Especially when you’re the San Francisco 49ers and your home is Candlestick Park. I believe Candlestick Park to be so powerful it holds the equivalent of a twelfth man, or, at the very least, a sniper, who’s on your side, targeting high-profile targets.

It is true, teams win much more at home than when compared to away games. Perhaps it’s just psychological, but you must remember —that counts too!

An excellent example is the NBA. The home team has won in ‘deciding-type’ games 78 out of 97 times, excluding, or up until the second round of the 2007 Playoffs.

And, if we broaden our strokes a little and traverse the San Francisco Bay, we can see how Legendary Oakland Raiders Coach, John Madden, utilized his home-field advantage. First, he felt so comfortable at home that he, reputedly, paid his players a hundred dollars to break the opponent’s legs.

But the real advantage The Oakland Coliseum presented to its opponents is its placement. The Oakland Coliseum is actually 21 feet below sea level. It’s mostly soggy during all seasons, with some areas soggier than others. It sometimes doesn’t seem so, but the players must know where not to step?

Okay …let’s broaden our strokes even further. Now, if we traverse the entire country, and also traverse to another sports world entirely we can see how the Boston Celtics utilized home-court advantage. On Boston Garden’s parquet floor, the players knew exactly where all the ‘dead spots’ were?

But …in a display of incredible Sportsmanship, Larry Bird denied —everything. Concerning those ‘dead-spots’ on the parquet floor, when asked, he said, “That’s false. We had dead spots, but we never knew where they were going to be.” Huh? Nonetheless,

Also, in the book, “The Art of War,” and this is very important —when the time comes, the manual says, when you’re comfortable, at home, and placed on the confines of the gridiron, confronted with your opponent —This is time when your warriors will perform at their best!

“It is good to be home!”

The End

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