Robert Griffin III May Be Overvalued In 2012 NFL Mock Drafts

By Andrew Limpert

Everyone says Robert Griffin III is the can’t miss prospect of the 2012 NFL Draft.  ESPN has been leading the Griffin bandwagon to the point where they suggest he could go first
overall.  However, everyone is forgetting the major weakness of “RG3”.

There is no doubt Griffin has the physical skills that you love.  His incredible arm and throwing ability has been well documented.  As has his speed on the run.  You also cannot deny he’s a great person and has the attitude you love.  Seem like the perfect prospect?  Well one aspect of his game can keep him frombeing the perfect prospect.  And it happens to be his biggest weakness.  A weakness hat isn’t so much about what he does, as much as it is about what he doesn’t do.

The Baylor offense but up unreal stats all season.  But Baylor’s offense is incredibly simple.  Nowhere near as complicated as NFL offense.  Furthermore, Griffin was aided by coaches in the both who read the opposing defense and told him which play to run.  That is alarming to think about.  Most take it for granted, but a quarterback must be able to read a defense and make offensive calls.  And if Griffin can’t read a defense, how will he be a franchise quarterback?

Now this isn’t to say he cannot learn how to do this.  He has a degree in political science and was accepted into law school.  So he is a pretty smart kid.  The question is can he be actually coached up enough to be a franchise quarterback?  In the case of the Browns, it’s a huge question that will be answered over the course of several player interviews and workouts.  But if the Browns are going to take him, they must have an answer to the question.  If they doubt he will be able to read a defense, they have to pass on him and look at other players.  Quarterbacks like Ryan Tannehill and Brandon Weeden are examples of players to be found outside the upper part of the first round.  You may love Griffin’s athletic ability.  But if he cannot read a defense, then there is no way he can run the offense successfully.  A defense will eat him alive.

I agree Griffin is an amazing talent.  But we have seen so many quarterbacks who have but up huge stats fail to make it in the NFL.  Griffin may be a little different.  But you still cannot rule out the possibility of him failing in the NFL.  Griffin is a tremondus talent.  But he needs to prove at the combine, as well as in private workouts, that he has what it takes to be a franchise quarterback.  People have talked the talk when it comes to him.  And very soon, if he does indeed declare for the draft, it will be time to walk the walk.

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