Darren Sproles: The X-Factor of the New Orleans Saints

By Alejandro Aviles

Darren Sproles is not the most imposing football player on the field as he only stands 5’6″, but his play strikes fear into opposing defenses. Sproles does everything for the Saints’ and he has the total yardage record (2,669 yards) to back it up. Letting go of Reggie Bush is turning out to be the greatest moves the Saints have made this season, as Sproles has not only embraced Bush’s former role but has done it better than Bush ever did. However, it is not just about the impressive numbers, led the team in rushing (603 yards) and was second in receptions (86) in the regular season, but the fact that Sproles is so willing to do any and everything for his team to win. Besides Drew Brees, Darren Sproles is arguably the most important player on the Saints.

Sproles is the kind of player that gets his teammates fired up with his big plays. I know if I was on the sidelines watching my 5’6″ running back rush for 15-20 yards at a time it would inspire me to want to play with the same intensity and persistence that Sproles plays with. In the NFC wildcard game Sproles was leading the rushing attack and was relentless as he often found the holes and rushed for big gains.

There is no doubt that Sproles is the Saints’ X-factor as opposing defenses do not know how to contain him. If Sproles is not rushing for big gains than he is running down field and catching passes; opposing defenders really have to pick their poison when it comes to Sproles. The Saints definitely got a steal when they signed Sproles during the offseason and his production has been a big part of the Saints’ success this season. For a team with Super Bowl aspirations it is a huge luxury to have an X-factor who will give it his all every moment he is on the field.

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