It Comes Down To RG3 and Tannehill At Quarterback For Cleveland Browns Mock Drafts In 2012

By Andrew Limpert

It certainly sounds as if the Cleveland Browns will be adding a quarterback season.  But who will it be?  Well, it may come down to a choice between Robert Griffin III and Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill has been steadily moving up draft boards this season.  The wide receiver turned quarterback has made some impressive plays this season.  He has the size and strength you look for in a quarterback and is also quite mobile.  However, he has had issues after halftime which has led to some of Texas A&M’s collapses.  It didn’t happen against Northwestern in
their bowl game, but did happen against Texas and Arkansas.  He still has much to learn about being a quarterback.  He has great talent, but he is still a developmental quarterback who may have to sit a year and develop behind someone else.

The other choice is Robert Griffin III.  The electrifying playmaker from Baylor has everything you want.  He can make every throw with amazing accuracy.  And his speed while on the run makes him the ultimate duel threat quarterback.  He could be one of the smartest people to enter the NFL draft; if he does indeed declare.  Griffin was accepted to law school and has an undergraduate degree in political science.  As other’s have mentioned, it will be interesting to see how he handles the NFL.  The jump from college to the pros was not hard for Cam Newton.  We’ll see how Griffin handles it.  It’s not hard to picture him doing the same thing.

When it comes to the Browns, I think the best choice is Robert Griffin III.  I don’t agree with people who claim that he could be the first overall pick.  That belongs to Andrew Luck.  If he falls to the fourth overall pick, the Browns really have to take him.  And they can trade up for him if they want, as long as you don’t give up too much for him.  Remember, the Browns are still a growing team and need all the draft picks they can get.  But if the price is right, Griffin could be a game changer in Cleveland.

In my previous article, I talked about a concern in the football community about his ability to read a defense.  It wasn’t meant as a knock on Griffin.  It was simply an observation of the only aspect of his game that he has to work on.  He is a smart kid and I believe he can do it.  But it will be up to scouts, coaches and general managers to determine that themselves.
They’ll be sticking him in a room with game film and asking him to figure out a defense.  It’s not hard for most quarterbacks.  But again, it’s one of those things you have to be shown.

Griffin’s style of play would certainly be a wake-up call to defenses of the AFC North.  His duel threat skills allow him to be a game changer immediately.  And as he grows as a NFL player, he will continue to grow stronger and smarter.  He could become a much better player five years down the road then he is today.  However, the same can be said about Tannehill.  Down the road, he could be a great player as well.  The Browns can’t go wrong with either quarterback in my opinion.  If you are looking to provide competition at the quarterback position, as Holmgren has suggested, then you need to bring in someone better then Colt McCoy.  I think it goes without saying that both Griffin and Tannehill are better than Colt at this point.  But at this point, there are too many questions and concerns about Tannehill.  Until the combine, I’ll stick with the Heisman winner.

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