Should the Chicago Bears Hire Nick Saban?


I’m a huge Nick Saban fan and would love to see him as the Chicago Bears General Manager. The guy is a great football mind and understands how to build successful programs. I know what you’re going to say, he was a disaster with the Miami Dolphins; but the guy wins everywhere he goes. And just like Bill Belicheck was a disaster with the Cleveland Browns, a second time can be a charm. There were many outside factors with the Dolphins that even made Bill Parcells look like a football idiot. The Dolphins are in total shambles and shouldn’t reflect on Saban’s football talents.

The Bears really need to focus on evaluating talent and building an organization. Saban will bring in a fresh perspective and move the Bears in a new direction. He’s certainly has nothing left to prove on the college level, so here’s his chance to show the world he can succeed in the pros.

With the list of candidates becoming less and less appealing for the Bears, Saban would be a home run. That’s all we can ask.

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