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NFL Chicago Bears

Six Random Thoughts on the Chicago Bears and NFL Playoffs

1. I was 3-1 on playoff games this weekend only being wrong about the Texans. I’m more and more impressed by the Giants every week. They’ve hit their stride at the right time. I’ve picked them to win the NFC. Normally, the Giants are overrated, but not this season. The way the Giants control the line of scrimmage, run the football and can throw the rock makes them a real bitch. Just remember you heard it here first.

2. Tim Tebow is the dead horse of the day. So I’ll take a shot too…because after all, I love beating dead horses. Impressive win for the Broncos yesterday. I’ll give all the credit to John Fox. Guy’s a great playoff coach. And his team was ready to play. Tebow showed some real leadership yesterday. Kudos to the Orange Crush.

3. Watching Sean Payton undress Jim Schwartz was awesome. Payton put on a coaching clinic Saturday. The Lions are such an unlikable team and Schwartz is a putz. That being said, Ndamukong Suh played a great game. But why is the dude so out of shape? It seems like he’s out for chunks of the game.

4. Tim Ruskell cannot be the Chicago Bears GM. He’s a train wreck who makes Jerry Angelo’s drafting look like Ted Thompson’s from the Green Bay Packers. I really don’t think it will happen, but why do the Bears do things to anger me so often?

5. Speaking of things that anger me, Danieal Manning. And this blogger called this In training camp. Many of you loved Major Wright and Chris Harris, but you were blinded by Twitter. Losing Manning was almost as bad as losing Wilbur Marshall. Considering how bad the Bears safeties are and the lack of quality safeties in the draft and in free agency, there’s no quick fix. Oy…

6. I think Lovie Smith is a good coach. That being said, it’s so Bears like to limit a GM on the head coach. If I’m a top GM candidate, I’d demand full control over coaches. By essentially limiting a GM, this has to hurt their chances with some candidates. I would allow the new GM to interview Smith and encourage that person to keep Smith. But ultimately, it should be up to the GM and not Ted Phillips.

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