2012 NFL Playoffs: Greg Jennings Thinks Aaron Rodgers is Better Than Brett Favre

As the heat of the playoffs continues to rage on, more and more great stuff continues to come out of the player’s mouths.

The culprit this time is Green Bay Packers Pro Bowl wide receiver Greg Jennings, who claims Aaron Rodgers is a better quarterback than Brett Favre.

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I believe it is a bit premature to place Aaron Rodgers among the all-time greats, simply because it is not fair to those who played the game for an extended period. Let Rodgers continue to play at a high level for a handful of years before you anoint him.

Of course it will be very difficult to keep him out of the conversation if he wins his second Super Bowl title this year.

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  • http://www.walloffamesports.wordpress.com Sean

    Again, I am pleasantly surprised as I received two Jordy Nelson cards and two Donald Driver cards back in the mail complete with signatures on the same day. Nelson an all-American country boy from Kansas and Driver a former car thief from Houston turned Packers receiving leader need to have stellar performances this weekend. As the Packers have dominated all year, I have a bit of an uneasy feeling about this weekend. Eli Manning and the Giants are coming into Lambeau field red hot and ready to revenge their 38-35 loss in week 13. The Giants defense is athletic, scary, and physical as Jason Pierre Paul and Justin Tuck both control the outside. Last meeting between them Rodgers threw for 369 yards, 4 TD’s and 1 INT and I am expecting a similar result this go around, however I do predict a better ground attack from the Packers. In the first meeting this season, Rodgers led the team in rushing with 32 yards. This time around, Grant and Starks must make the most of their touches in order to keep the Giants defense honest and take some pressure off of Rodgers.

    If the Packers can establish a respectable running attack early, mix in some play action, the Giants secondary won’t be able to hold up the entirety of the game. At some point Jennings, Finley, Driver, Nelson or Jones will break down the coverage and go to the house. The Packers offensive line is a huge X-factor as the unit has been banged up the past few weeks. Extra time to prepare should be huge.

    Bottom line: If someone is going to take down the Packers, the Giants are poised to do so. The Giants are comfortable in cold weather, have a formidable running attack and are led by quarterback that has been to the promise land before and won. Although anything is possible, the Packers did not go (15-1) because they are lucky. Their record shows they are a team with determination, high-octane offensive fire -power, and an opportunistic defense that refuses to give up excessive points. With plenty of time to prepare, Rodgers and the rest of the squad will come out on fire and take down the G-men, stopping Brandon Jacobs and forcing Eli Manning to press early. It should be a long day for Eli and to be honest I really hope it is.


    Green Bay- 30
    New York- 21

    • Jeff Shull

      very well thought out prediction…you want to write for us haha?

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