2012 NFL Playoffs: New York Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul Guarantees Win

By Jeff Shull

After their completely dominant win over the Atlanta Falcons Sunday, New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul declared the Giants would upset the Green Bay Packers.

“100 percent we’re going to win,” claimed the Pro Bowler

Tuesday, Pierre-Paul appeared on WFAN radio and did not back off that claim.

“If the defense, offense and special teams, if we all do our job then and go out and executed like we did on Sunday, we should win.”

On the surface it looks like JPP backed off of his guarantee, but the only player to make the All Pro team for the Giants agrees he made the prediction.

“Of course I said that,” he said. “I’m not going to twist my words. But it’s the simple fact that we won, and it was exciting.

The Giants defense certainly has a lot to be confident about these days. They are coming off three straight victories in which they held their opponent to 14, 14, and 0 points (Atlanta scored on a safety).

The major factor in their rejuvenation has been the defensive front four getting pressure on opposing quarterbacks. That unit is as healthy as it has been all season long and they are peaking at the perfect time.

The Packers have a lot of confidence in their offense, but the Giants defense may be able to match that confidence.

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