2012 NFL Playoffs: NFL Rant - Wild Card Recap

By grant.brown

There was certainly a lot take away from an exciting Wildcard Weekend in the NFL Playoffs, with both some impressive and disappointing performances. The Texans proved you can win with defense and a ground game, Drew Brees continues to amazing rewrite the record books, and the NFL is still on “Tebow Time” after a thrilling overtime victory. Three impressive victories for Houston, New Orleans, and Denver but find out why Aaron Kirn gives his most impressive performance to the defense of the New York Giants.

Plenty of disappointment to go around as well with four teams seasons coming to an end. The Bengals and Lions playoff droughts continue, and Matt Ryan is now 0-3 in his playoff career but the Pittsburgh Steelers’ top-ranked defense has to be the most disappointing of all giving up 316 yards passing to Tim Tebow.

What was your most impressive and disappointing performances from the Wildcard Weekend?

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