A Move To Los Angeles For The St. Louis Rams AND Jeff Fisher?

By Anthony Blake

While the St. Louis Rams’ coaching search is still ongoing, more whispers of potential change are gaining traction of late.

Rams’ owner Stan Kroenke has ties to the league’s Los Angeles Stadium Working Group which is pushing to get an NFL franchise back into one of the country’s largest markets again in the near future. Connecting those dots is quite simple, but add into the mix the fact that Rams’ top executive, Kevin Demoff, grew up in L.A. and that the team’s top choice for head coach at this moment is L.A. born and bred Jeff Fisher, the picture really paints itself.

Many remember the Rams moving from L.A. to St. Louis for the 1995 season when there were still two teams sharing the city. Now that the NFL has been missing out on that market for more than a decade, many believe it is only a matter of time before a team is relocated back to the City of Angels.

There are some reasons to doubt this possible move as Kroenke has been very active in the St. Louis community while also buying up remaining game tickets from week to week to ensure that games will not be blacked out on TV for local audiences. Some also point to the fact that the man rumored to be named the new head coach imminently in Fisher would likely oppose such a move having gone through it once before when the Houston Oilers relocated to become the Tennessee Titans.

All of this conjecture will likely clarify itself in due time, but for now the Rams are focused on landing their man in Fisher as soon as possible.

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