Coach Harbaugh versus Coach Payton

By timepstein

It’s conclusive, they say, with the Niners and Saints Playoff game already titled —“it’s born on the frozen tundra versus the shoot-out at the O.K. Corral.”

It’ll be in San Francisco. On the grass, outside, the Niners tundra, the floor of Candlestick Park … “this will be where the Niners can now publicly prepare for the New Orleans Saints.” It’s official with a title.

“It’ll be the diametric event of the year, the opposite, perhaps an NFL special report on the duality of man, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde —if you will.”

Because, well, the Niners sit atop the frozen tundra, the cradle of NFL beginnings, year zero, there they grab the roots responsible for holding the NFL together, versus, the New Orleans Saints, another old school of thought, but further back, dating to the 1800’s, where mere chance is a variable that can’t be over-looked. Remember,

When involved in a ‘Shoot-Out’ (name for Saints offense), a simple misfire can result in an NFL death.

On this opposing side:

It’s Coach Harbaugh, who was apparently born on the frozen tundra, with his ‘ear to the turf’ —it’s a football family story that ‘made do’ on mere footballs.

The lineage, of course, begins with Jim’s father, Jack. Jack Harbaugh’s impact on the NFL, well, we’re still feeling that. Earlier, he was handed a special key, and did a wonderful job playing gate-keeper to future NFL greatness. He first coached high school football, built a ‘solid foundation’, and then moved to the college level, where he enjoyed some successes,

But apparently, Jack Harbaugh still tends to his earlier responsibilities, and his successes continue. This 2011 season saw the extraordinary. It was another Harbaugh NFL special note. Never before has the NFL seen a pair of brothers, simultaneously, hold Head Coaching duties, with Jim Harbaugh coaching the 49ers, while his brother, John Harbaugh, Head Coaches the Baltimore Ravens.

But —on this opposing side:

We take a huge leap of thought from the cinder blocks, from the frozen tundra of the NFL, to New Orleans, and Head Coach Sean Payton. He came crashing to the NFL atop a streaking meteorite that still seems to hanging around. It actually might gain momentum and obliterate ‘the frozen tundra’?

He’s one of ‘The Year of the Quarterback’ promoters. His formative football years were with Al Molde, at Eastern Illinois University. There, he was given a six-shooter with apparent abundant freedom, and the team was quickly labeled, “Eastern Airlines”. They threw so much, in one game, which is still a record, they threw for 509 yards.

Just because this, these opposing themes of thought, their obvious diametric approaches, makes one think —can the Niners ‘old school of thought’ prove Mom and Dad were right?

Diametric: The opposite, opposing, 180 degrees from reference point A-1.

Frozen tundra: Old NFL philosophies, ex., the fundamentals.

Shoot Out: metaphor comparing Saints-type-offence with fight at the OK Corral (Wyatt Earp vs. the Clanton Gang, Wednesday, October 26, 1881), with lots of passing, high-risk-offense, high reward? Really bad defense

The End

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