Is It Time For The Cleveland Browns To Bench Mohamed Massaquoi?

By Andrew Limpert

A major overhaul of the Browns offense is about to occur.  Every position will be subject to an upgrade.  And that could bring into question the long term future of Mohamed Massaquoi.

The wide receiver out of Georgia was drafted in the second round of the 2009 draft by then head coach Eric Mangini.  By all accounts, he has not lived up to expectations.  He has made several big plays during his career with the Browns.  But he has had injuries, concussions, and has failed to get separation on several occasions.  Fans have complained about the lack of separation that both Massaquoi and fellow 2009 second round pick Brian Robiskie had on opposing corners since their first games as rookies.  Tom Heckert got rid of Robiskie during the this season.  That let Jordan Norwood get some playing time and he was impressive.  So is it time to ither bench or cut Massaquoi in favor of another receiver?

I have been a fan of Massaquoi since he was drafted.  I really thought he could do some good things or the Browns.  But now, I think you almost have to have him take a seat on the bench.  There are two reasons for this.  The first reason is Carlton Mitchell.  Heckert drafted in the sixth round of the 2010 draft.  He has been playing special teams for most of the season, but had his first big catch at the end of the Steelers game this season.  He really can’t seem to get into the lineup because the coaching staff has been playing Little, Massaquoi, Norwood, and Cribbs.  At this point, I think I’d like to see more of what we have in Mitchell.

The second reason is the draft.  It is possible that the Browns walk away from this upcoming draft with two receivers.  Having the fourth overall pick means that the Browns could be taking Justin Blackmon if the cards fall right.  There are also players like TY Hilton and Joe Adams that can be found later in the draft.  And that’s without considering the possible
free agents that the Browns could go after.  Mario Manningham and Pierre Garcon come to mind as possible targets.

Indeed, time may be up for Massaquoi.  He has shown some talent, but upgrades are certainly available.  And Holmgren and Heckert don’t really have any attachment to him either, since they didn’t draft him.  I don’t believe that Holmgren will cut Massaquoi, as he did with Robiskie.  But I defiantly don’t think he will be starting next season.  I think either Carlton Mitchell, a draft pick, or a player found in free agency will be starting in his place.  Upgrades must be made across the board.  And if better talent is available, you have to make the switch.

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